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[fanaccount] 140424 Xiumin and Luhan spotted out and about


Made eye contact with Luhannie and Minseokie kekekekekyu ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Minseok’s glasses are cute..ㅠㅠ what do those two have to talk about….

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Not sure whether this person spotted them near the SM building or somewhere on the streets, but either way, she ran into them while they were out and about together~

The single eyelid prince, Minseok »


I’ve read a shocking yet interesting article on Xiumin today. I’ll relay some parts that I found to be quite interesting.

『A name was mentioned in the threatening incident that shocked Japan. The incident refers to a message being delivered to supermarket chains, claiming that various…

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xiuhan during ivy club bts video

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in which heechul becomes the bride

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If you think Minseok’s monster arms are gonna stop me from seeing him as the universal bottom in exo, you ar e wR OGN

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Kris and Xiumin are dancing and then… Kris hugs him.


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If you don’t like Xiumin we can’t be friends

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that skirt is very becoming on you, minseok. (¬‿¬)