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I'm looking for a m rated stories top Luhan and with a lot of fluff please
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Love You All the Way Down

Child’s Play


Like A Flame

I’ve Been Feeling, Feeling for You, My Love

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When you love someone you become their armor, keeping them safe from anything that can hurt them, even if it means that you’ll get wounded, using yourself as a shield in order to protect them. And that’s what Minseok has become. But that’s okay, Minseok is okay, because he believes that one day, one morning, when Luhan wakes up in his cold room somewhere in Beijing, he will realize that Minseok’s warmth is all that he needs

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Love in the Milky Way Cafe

Meet love in front of the milky way café’s door,
While drinking green tea and iced coffee.
It comes while listening to the same songs every day.

You’re like a dry matchstick,
as much as you try to make a hateful expression,
you can’t hide your burning heart.

Please, say something to me.
I will make a rainbow in my tea cup.

Even in one day, two days, three days
I can’t stand it, I can’t live, I can’t die without you.
Hongdae, Sang Sudong, Shinchon, Leedae, Leetaewon,
I can’t walk in them.

You you you,
You you you, perfect perfect.

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xiumin and the elite members of the xiumin-is-my-life-and-saviour fanclub

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please put Baeky beside someone else

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moments when xiumin can’t hold back his disdain for exo

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50 Shades of Gay.
please kindly read my tags first before you kill me

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A moment of silence for all the Minseok-stans.

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140525 │ once upon a time there was princess xiumin (ft. prince yixing)

The dramatic story of Luhan’s life

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