cherry xiumin

moments when xiumin can’t hold back his disdain for exo

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50 Shades of Gay.
please kindly read my tags first before you kill me

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A moment of silence for all the Minseok-stans.

The lord has finally updated his IG.


140525 │ once upon a time there was princess xiumin (ft. prince yixing)

The dramatic story of Luhan’s life

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KMS BB Cream got Mixed Reviews

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Robo Love (click for better quality)

More humanoid!au (because I’m in love with it)

Luhan: Hell yes I do! He’s /so/ cute, all blushy and—

Minseok:  I have no idea what you’re talking about. 

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xiumin adding one stroke to correct his chinese name and then another two strokes to cross out luhan’s name orz


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